Home Insurance For Students

Nowadays there is a huge necessity to protect yourself with home insurance for students. It is important in any case, whether you live alone in a dorm or with a roommate. First of all, becoming a student usually means moving into your first home, which needs protection.

Home Insurance

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Whether to live in a university residence or rent a furnished and unfurnished apartment, it is useful to purchase home and auto insurance by getting quotes online. As any other type of accommodation, students home must be covered against different risks.

Is home insurance mandatory for students?

The vast majority of students rent a house. Students are obliged, in most cases, to have coverage against the damage which they can cause to the apartment (as well as the building) during the terms of the rent.

House protection covers the damage received from fire or water, caused by the tenant to the building or the property of third parties. Movable property of the student is not covered by the simple guarantee “rental risks” and requires additional guarantees in the context of a house multi-risk protection contract.

The provision of coverages in a residence

In a university residence, home protection is usually purchased by the lessor. As a student, you participate in the payment of premiums through your rent.

However, you should check the extent of the warranties provided before the conclusion of the contract. In particular, make sure your accommodation is insured against:

    • theft,
    • fire,
    • breakage of ice,
    • damage received from waters.

If the protection provided doesn’t suit you, you can always take home security for a university room in addition.

The protection of a rented unfurnished property for students

In the case of an empty rented home, the “rental risks” guarantee is mandatory. It will protect your rights in case of damage caused to the apartment. This insurance for students will especially protect property in case of fire, water and explosion damage.

Students are entitled to demand a copy of the protection certificate upon the act. It will be used in the event of a disaster that you have caused in the dwelling during the entire duration of the rental lease.

However, when you rent an unfurnished apartment or student room, it is in your best interest to take out a standard multi-risk protection policy. In addition to insuring against the damage mentioned above, you will be also insured from damage caused to:

    • movable property,
    • computer equipment,
    • appliances.

Home protection for furnished rentals

Unlike an empty rented property, it is not mandatory to purchase a house protection for rented furnished accommodation. However, your responsibility remains in case of damage caused to the furniture and equipment in the house.

In this case, your liability protection is sufficient to pay for any harm you may cause. However, third party liability coverage is generally included in a multi-risk home protection. To save money and pay for cheaper student coverage, it will be necessary to take out a policy with basic benefits.

In addition, an apartment multi-risk policy allows you to be protected against:

    • the theft,
    • breakage of ice,
    • the fire,
    • explosions,
    • flooding.

How to Insure Roommates?

This coverage is often favored by students as well. The roommate can share a house and save on rent. If you are roommates, there is a place for specific contracts. So, it is possible to purchase homeowners insurance on an individual basis, or be attached to the accommodation contract.

Students Bring Risks

Regardless of the student home protection for a chosen roommate, you will need a personal liability guarantee & guarantee against rental risks. For insuring companies, students is such category which brings more risks from them, as in their majority they are more impulsive and attentive to their way of life.

In addition to classes and exams, students’ life brings a lot of stress. It's absolutely useless to aggravate the situation with caring for your apartment. The budget of students is particularly tight and all the opportunities to make some savings are good to take. Although home insurance is mandatory in most cases, it is not always necessary to pay high premiums and quotes to receive good coverage. But common insurers provide discounts to their consumers in case of online purchase, that is why we offer to find out average home insurance rates to know how much you will pay. So, there is a place for comparison of all variants of house protection. And in such case students will be able to choose the most appropriate for themselves.